Here at White Knuckle Kustoms we are dedicated to producing high end quality pieces no matter what project comes through the door. With over 25 years’ experience in the metal fabrication industry we have the skills to design and build most anything you can think of. Our experienced crew can handle any project whether it be high end custom railings for your home or a one off custom hotrod. From thin sheet metal to thick plate steel we have the equipment and knowledge to turn your vision into reality. You can come to us knowing exactly what you need done or come to us with a vague idea and either way we will produce an end product that surpasses your expectations.


  • Adam Zajac
    Adam Zajac Boss Man
  • Willa Zajac
    Willa Zajac Office Manager // Ms. Boss Man
  • Devon Taylor
    Devon Taylor Welder // Fabricator
  • Mackenzie Crosby
    Mackenzie Crosby Welder//Fabricator
  • Kori Jordan
    Kori Jordan Retail
  • Chevy
    Chevy Shop Dog//Greeter
  • Alex Russak
    Alex Russak Welder//Fabricator
  • Justin Mackenzie
    Justin Mackenzie Welder//Fabricator
  • Kyle Willis
    Kyle Willis Welder//Fabricator
  • Tayler Bobb
    Tayler Bobb Retail
  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers Welder//Fabricator
  • Caleb Bickford
    Caleb Bickford Welder//Fabricator
  • Kiara Swiatek
    Kiara Swiatek Retail
  • Zach Bergman
    Zach Bergman Welder//Fabricator
  • Jayson DiBiase
    Jayson DiBiase Welder // Fabricator


Adam Zajac started White Knuckle Kustoms back in 2010 based on his love for creating and fabricating almost anything from metal; that combined with his love for motors, speed, and one off custom pieces, it was only natural that WKK was born. From the time Adam was walking he was taking things apart and finding better ways to put them back together. His love for metal and passion for fabricating are truly at the heart of WKK. Adam resides in Windham with his wife, Willa and they raise their three young sons here. On most days you can find Adam welding and running the shop and Willa running the office. We like to think of ourselves as a family business and we strive to have every customer leave feeling like part of our family.

We are Maine’s premier “one stop custom shop”


608 Roosevelt Trl // Unit 1 // Windham, ME 04062
(207) 892-7506