Jeniffer Cooley

Just wanna tell you, Adam Zajac, that you and Willa Lee Zajac are the cream of the crop! So proud of you and the work that you do, not only as WKK but as bosses and owners. I love that you both care about not only the products and service that you provide, but you care about your crew and strive to give them the best so they will give you their best.

Nick Crosen

Have you ever watched a TV series of a build, and despite the deadline, the crew comes out on top making miracles happen?

That is what White Knuckle Kustoms does, make your dream a reality!

Nikki Harris

Tonight my car broke down with my 2 yr old daughter, I barely drifted into their parking lot (at almost 6:30 at night)..Not even knowing where I was pulling in! Adam and the guys came out and they were so friendly they said they could call and get a part and fix it for me. (even though they were heading out) They were so accommodating to us, told us to go inside their break room, out of the heat and they fixed my car and had us going in no time. I will absolutely recommend them and their very personable staff. Way to go WKK you saved my night, thanks guys!

Angelo Garcia

Well above average quality work, very reasonable pricing and all done in a timely fashion. I gave White Knuckle Kustoms a cracked engine case from my 85 Harley sportster to weld up. This is not a job for a novice welder the metal is weak and porous not to mention dirty from years of oil. Most welders would shy away from a job like this but White Knuckle Kustoms tackled the job. Not only was I very happy with the work they also came in well under budget and the job was done in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend these guys.

Kyle Harmon

Can’t thank Adam and the crew enough made a very unique part for Sammy‚Äôs Car wash had other shops tell me it would be a month or two I called Adam dropped the part off and within a few days he had me a brand new beautiful one waiting for me.

Dan Hillock

Awesome work at a great price. The shop is like an art museum for gearheads! The high end work this shop does is impressive to say the least!